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  • Use of CFL fluorescent or LED bulbs in nearly all light fixtures.
  • All common area lighting is on timers except for emergency lights.
  • Parking and entrance lighting uses movement sensors with exterior lighting and sign lighting on timers.
  • Staff and guests are requested to turn off any lights or anything electrical when leaving the room and to turn air conditioning units to low.
  • Window air conditioners used in Summer months are all Energy Star qualified products.
  • Rooms are not air conditioned or heated when unoccupied.
  • Programmable thermostats are used to control heat levels and room temperature is lowered overnight.
  • Boiler is serviced each year to ensure maximum operating efficiency and lower fuel consumption.
  • Low temperature dishwashing and laundry are used to reduce the amount of hot water used.
  • Guests are encouraged to use drapes or shades to reduce heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer.


  • Low-flow shower heads are installed in all bathrooms.
  • Our linen change program allows guests to elect to reuse their sheets and bath linens in order to reduce water consumption in our laundry.
  • Both our dishwasher and washing machine are high efficiency machines which use less water.
  • Dual-flush or low volume toilet tanks are installed as bathrooms are remodeled.
  • Use of native plants that require less watering.
  • Drip irrigation system is used for all landscape watering needs and uses much less water than sprinkler systems.


  • Recycling of all plastic, paper, glass, metal, and batteries is provided.
  • Staff are trained to identify any recyclable material that is mistakenly thrown away.
  • Plastic bottles from used room amenities are recycled.

Environmental Cleaning Practices:

  • Cleaning products use natural, biodegrade and non-toxic ingredients which are safe for both people and the environment.
  • Cleaning products used are from companies that provide complete disclosure of their ingredients.
  • All trash bags used are biodegradable.

Food and Beverage:

  • Wherever possible we serve eco-friendly food and beverages that have been organically grown and raised, or local and thus freshly "harvested".
  • We have discontinued the use of bottled water as from an environmental point of view, tap water is preferable to bottled water as a beverage. We provide a water cooler in the main house and water glasses in all rooms. Click this link for the 2012 Bristol Water Quality Report.
  • All food waste is composted and used on our own garden.


  • In room amenities are from Beekman 1802 who have commendable environmental and cruelty free policies.
  • We use cotton towels and linens that do not add VOCs to the air. Over time we plan to replace our towels with 100% organic towels.
  • Organic liquid hand soap is provided in all rooms to reduce waste from discarded individual soaps.
  • Meals are served using reusable dishes, cups, glasses, mugs, tableware, and serving pieces that are not disposable.
  • Organic pine straw is used instead of bark mulch as it provides better moisture retention, it does not contain any harmful chemicals, it does not alter the pH of the soil and does not require the cutting of tress.
  • Use of pesticides and all lawn and garden chemicals are kept to the absolute minimum.
  • Plant and lawn clippings are composted.
  • We are a non- smoking property so guestrooms are guaranteed to be safe from the pollution of smoking.
  • All products are sourced locally wherever possible.
  • Our new roof used a "green roofing product" being made from primarily recycled materials, and one of the few products available that is actually 100% recyclable itself.
  • Both owners drive compact cars that achieve over 30 mpg.

The Henry Whipple House is committed to practices that support ecological consciousness and provide an environmentally friendly location. We will continue to take action to improve our results today to positively affect the environment tomorrow.

Below are details of the initiatives our property has undertaken to help support a sustainable world.